SMS2Call – auto send sms – Android

The application has been designed to be used in contacts with clients (CRM). The main function of the application is to read the callers from telephone calls and send a standardized SMS to it in accordance with the assumptions of your company.

The SMS you prepare can inform about all aspects related to the company’s business activities, for example, ask for the address in which the service service is to be made, inform the customer about the method of carrying out service tasks, etc.

The application does not store any data related to the read list of telephone connections (it only reads them for the purpose of sending an SMS) and does not store information about sent SMS (the more does not read the SMS archive). You can view all sent SMS in the default SMS application. Further conversation can be done using the default SMS application.

The SMS2Call application helps your service company in the first contact when you have to ask the customer constantly for the same information. You do not have to prepare the same SMS and write it every time. SMS2Call allows you to create one model SMS for a contact with the client and use it at every contact of a new customer or another service for the client that he wants to order.

Usually on Android, the user would have to do the following:
– Answer the phone call,
– Find the connection in the connection register,
– Once the connection has been found, select the contact information function
– Select sending SMSs,
– Write an SMS to the recipient’s address

The application simplifies these procedures to click the last number call and that’s all.


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